Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day and a bit of green

Well, St. Patrick's Day is nearly upon us! And my mother would never forgive me if I didn't plan a nice Irish meal and some green to wear. We were never much for the green beer drinking, kelly green wearing, rowdy crowd. More of the sage or forest green with some nice tweeds or a gansey sweater to wear, a piping irish stew for supper, with brown bread and a pint or two with some live fiddle tunes or a session going on nearby.

I even remember a year when my mother hastily cut green shamrocks out of felt and pinned them to our clothes since none of us seemed to have a spec of green to wear to school.

Michael and I now live down the street from the local irish/american-ized pub and restaurant, and the kelly green rowdies will come a-parkin' on our lawns and in our driveways come Tuesday night so we'll be pacing the ramparts and watching for the wayward reveler who may inadvertently wander into our garden looking for God only knows...

I'm planning a succulent lamb stew with taties and root vegetables and a slosh of stout to tenderize the lot, accompanied by some whole wheat Irish soda bread (from the Farmer's Almanac) and some more stout to wash it down.

We've got a great new disk to play while we eat (the Green Fields of America with our good friend Robbie O'Connell and other masterful players) and if my fingers hold up a few more days, I'll have my new mistletoe-green raglan hoodie to wear to do my mother proud.

The lamb will be local, sustainably raised and procured through the knitting goddess Kristin Nicholas and her husband "the farmer" from their new endeavor selling lamb directly to the customer at Leydon Glen Farm. It's so nice to have the opportunity to support local agriculture, sustainable practices and purchase healthier food! They are just getting going with this new business, so if you're interested in lamb, I'd recommend that you e-mail Kristin through her blog Getting Stitched on the Farm.

And for a few other bits of green, I've just finished up my first wool soaker for the little goober and I love the pattern, found on Ravelry and available for free.
To check out the size, I've compared it here to a Bummis super brite in size newborn. Just can't wait to see these on a little one.

Enjoy your weekend and St. Patrick's day!