Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some stress, some relief and some serious gratitude!

Stress is getting a call from your husband in the middle of the afternoon, telling you he's been in an accident, driven off the road, into a ditch, that he's fine but shaken and to please leave work immediately to rescue him from the side of the road. Low level freak-out in prairie-dog land. I've never shut down the computer, locked everything up, notified the boss and raced for the car so fast!

When I arrived at the scene that Michael had directed me to, I saw a crowd gathered, no husband, and a tow truck straining to haul something out of a deep culvert. Gulp! Luckily, then I saw Michael, leaning against the side of a building, off in a quiet corner, looking rattled and pale.

Relief is seeing for myself that he's relatively unscathed. A troubling back twinge which showed up about an hour after the accident, (soon to be checked out medically) but none of the gruesome possibilities that flooded my brain as they hauled his wrecked car out of the big deep hole. Relief also that the woman who was entirely at fault for the accident did eventually admit her responsibility and was cited with a traffic violation. His poor car even made the front page of the local paper.

Gratitude is looking at this wonderful man who I married ten short months ago, and thanking my lucky stars for every minute of time I have with him safely tucked in our little corner of this big planet. I am truly blessed.


Janet said...

Yikes! Thank God he's okay. Had something like that happen with my Michael last year...you may remember the accident with the two bikes, one a Harley and the other Michael's pedal bicycle. Yeah, and the bicycle was fine, but the Harley had some serious damage...go figure (the Harley rider was fine, upset, but fine). But, anyways, I was shaking the whole drive to the accident scene, praying that everything was alright, although he said on the the phone that he was ok. Thoughts start flooding your mind of the possible outcome that could've taken place...and you cry, realizing how close you came to losing someone you love so dearly. The whole experience really begins to put life into perspective, and makes us appreciate those we sometimes take for granted. May we embrace every precious day we have with those we love, for we truly don't know when will be our last.

denise said...

Oh, that is scary. Glad he is ok!