Friday, October 10, 2008

The Last of the Peach Cobbler

I'm so sad to see the last of the fresh peaches and nectarines at the farmer's market. Now, don't get me wrong, I surely love me some apples...but, this was the year of the nectarine and peach cobbler. The year I discovered that four juicy pieces of fruit, and less than ten minutes of prep made for a delicious and dreamy warm cobbler dessert. True confession, we went for it MANY times this season. And, OH, so good!

I'm not much on mixes of any kind. Since we don't eat anything overly processed or containing white sugar or flour. Well, Maryjane Butters has the most wonderful organic, whole wheat basic budget biscuit mix. And I'm so glad I found it!

No, I don't have any affiliation, and sorry if I sound like an ad, but, in a household where convenience/fast foods aren't allowed and cooking and dishes are always on the schedule. This stuff has really come in handy when time and tempers are short. The ingredients are few, simple and of the whole foods variety. Plus I'm supporting a small organic farm with every purchase. So, even though they are making this stuff in Idaho, and shipping it to me. It is not refrigerated, I buy in bulk and I'm supporting a good thing. So, if you haven't checked it out...wander on over to MaryJane's Farm and poke around. We also stock up on her organic black bean flakes, felafel mix and a few other pantry staples that keep this kitchen running when things get tough. The recipes in her magazines are excellent, and that's where I learned to make cobbler!

So, anyway, here's to the last pan . It was mighty delicious.

Hmm, now what to do with the lovely sugar snap apples and red pears I just picked up at the farmer's market...

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A Day That Is Dessert said...

I have a great pear salad recipe I posted a few weeks ago (check recipe label). I miss peaches too!