Friday, January 8, 2010

My review of the Shared Harvest Winter CSA

I put a review up at Localharvest for the Shared Harvest Winter CSA. It has been such an important addition to our local food sources. And it is a valuable local resource that we'd like to see continuing to flourish and grow.

Farley and Zeke checking out the first share.

Here are a few photos of some of the delicious produce and food we've made from our shares.

Some baked egg custard and acorn squash steaming away in the oven.

A lunch of winter minestrone, multigrain home made crackers and fresh fromage blanc.

Kale and carmelized onion pizza with sourdough wholewheat crust.

Three sisters stew in our magic soup pot.

A French apple tart made with a yogurt and fresh egg custard and sliced Macoun apples.

Today, while a fresh pot of soup simmers in the red soup pot, I'll be reviewing last years calendar for planting and harvesting dates. I'll be looking up the first signs of rhubarb and asparagus from last year, looking through what we planted and harvested and feeling great about the local farms and resources we've found to fill some of the gaps in our home-grown produce. Thanks to folks like Gretta Anderson from Shared Harvest CSA, Jennifer Hashley from Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds and Kristin Nicholas and Mark Duprey from Leydon Glen Lamb, we're staying much closer to our local foodshed and feeling the rewards!

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