Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goodbye to an old friend

I'll be back to posting soon, I promise.

But, meanwhile I had to say goodbye to my sweet Zeke yesterday. It was an awful decision to have to make, but it was past time and it was very hard.

Michael will fondly remember the way Zeke would slyly muscle his way into a diagonal position in front of the food bowls, effectively blocking Farley from any food until Zeke had taken his fill.

And the strange and all-encompassing love that Zeke had for Michael's guitar case. Zeke was immediately draped on top with his paws wrapped around, rubbing his cheek and purring whenever the case was lying flat.

I have too many fond memories to count. But, mornings at the back windowsill watching the birds with my boy and a cup of coffee were a favorite.

And watching him jump into any freshly emptied container, paper bag, box, basket, cooler and claiming them for his own, always gave me a laugh.

He made the last 15 plus years fun, full and freaky, with a bit of snooty-kitty pizazz.

Goodbye sweet friend, safe trip back to the Mother ship.


NC Dupreys said...

Hi Marie,

Sorry to hear about your kitty.What is going to happen to him? ~ Janet

Marie said...

I'll be picking up his ashes this afternoon. And later in the Spring we'll scatter them in the garden and around the bird feeders that he enjoyed watching so much.