Saturday, July 19, 2008

Growing things...

Well, our garden is in full swing! Which is pretty exciting since it was all just a big patch of scrubby grass a few months ago. Last summer when we bought the house, I was so excited with the potential for a large-scale garden. And had hoped to get it planned and framed as soon as we moved in. Well, breaking my leg on the day of the closing (whooops), and the subsequent surgery, complications and healing, left all my plans on hold until this spring.

Thankfully, my leg has healed well, and I have a wonderful, supportive husband, Michael, who has done yeoman's duty helping to make my garden plans come to life.

Here he is back in May framing out some beds... (Thanks to brother-in-law Allen and the surprise gift of a power drill. Whoohoo! That sure sped up the process.)

And then we went the lasagna gardening route, using newspaper/packing paper laid over the grass, then kitchen scraps and compost or grass-clippings and then topsoil. And then the planting. My notebook was brimming with sketches, lists and seed catalogs!

Now, here are those same beds, in mid-July. The one that Michael was building is the one on the far side, taller than the chain link fence. It and the one to the right are filled with a "three-sisters" planting. A symbiotic companion planting of corn, pole beans and squash or pumpkins. They are going like crazy! The beds in the foreground were planted later, but have things like broccoli, kale, radishes, carrots, melons and lots of beans. The cobwebby trellis is one I put together for the red runner beans, and inspired by Green Kitchen.

And lastly, here is a close-up of the strange hoopy chicken-wire structure I built for the cucumbers to climb over and shield the mesclun that I've planted inside. We've named it the "cukastoga wagon."

Hope everything in your world is growing and reaching for the light. I'm off to harvest another bunch of lettuce.


denise said...

Your garden is looking awesome! Love those raised beds. Our garden is in super dense green mode too - love this time of year (but for the mosquitoes!). :)

Green Kitchen said...

Cool! I love the layout. And, that you spun a web. I just looked though some old photos of mine and saw that I made a garden web about 10 or twelve years ago, but have almost no memory of doing it. Funny.

Ephemerella said...

You give me a much-appreciated reminder to "go peacefully" (apologies to Desiderata), even if it only lasts a few minutes at a time. Thanks for sharing the beauty you guys have created and nurtured - and you garden, too!!

Blogging Molly said...

i love the layout of your garden! very geometric (which you now know i love) :)