Monday, February 23, 2009

All buttoned up

I've just finished up the baby bunting that I've been working on since before Christmas. Whoohoo! I found the perfect leather knot coat buttons to match. The pattern is a freebie from Garnstudio, and can be found here. The pattern was simple and I love the feel of the Valley Yarns, Berkshire bulky that I used for this piece. The colors are stone blue with coffee bean I-chord trim. Sadly, it looks like the baby may not be coming in time to get much wear from this. Hopefully we'll be parents before the Fall, but I'll try to knit on patiently and accept whatever time frame this journey to parenthood takes us on.

Meanwhile, I've also finally found buttons to finish up two projects from the fall. They are Baby Surprise Jackets designed by the late Elizabeth Zimmerman. If you are connected to Ravelry you can find all the details of these projects here.

More coming as I bind it off the needles.

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