Monday, February 23, 2009

Starting from seed

Well, the sun is creeping up a little earlier every morning, much of the snow has melted off of the tops of our raised beds and the raspberry canes made it through the winter. There's talk of another winter storm coming this weekend, but no worries. I'm swirling with ideas for this years planting. We had some definite winners last summer...purple bush beans, red skin potatoes, sugar pumpkins, butternut squash, some good cherry and plum tomatoes...we had some trials that we'll give another year's effort before giving up on them...eggplant, corn, broccoli. And some additional things to add...elderberries, cranberries, a cold-frame for a winter crop of hearty greens and root vegetables next fall and winter...hmmm. Much thinking going on.

But before too very long, we hope to be seeing our first asparagus shoots coming up, watching the unfurling of the rhubarb and witnessing the tender green scapes of the garlic.

Time to send in the seed order, dust off the seed-starting area in the basement, fill the potting trays and get ready for new beginnings.

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