Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So Happy that the Sun is out!

I guess that's what a month of straight rain will do to you. I'm still recovering! I feel such a boost every morning that the sun graces us these days...and so do the plants.

So, with this new burst of sunshine and energy, we've been getting lots accomplished on the Independence Days Challenge.

Plant Something:
Planted Kale, cabbage, mizuna, carrots and spinach

Harvest Something:
Picked lots of beans, a few straggling raspberries, a few small turnips, garlic, herbs and lots of cucumbers

Preserve Something:
Froze green beans, hung sage, oregano and garlic to dry, made more yogurt.

Waste Not:
Yet another bag of clothes for donation. Layered the grass pile with paper and cardboard to compost.

Want Not:
Not much this week

Build Community Food Systems:
Bought eggs, greens and beef from the local farm. Bought peaches, potatoes and beets from the farmer's market. Gave a friend some whole wheat sour dough starter.

Eat the Food:
Blueberry Cobbler, cucumber salads, sourdough herb bread, fresh oregano and carmelized onion fritatta, crock pot beef shanks and vegetables over rice.

What about you?