Monday, May 11, 2009

A little hand-work and the IDC challenge update

So, about my middle finger...lots of joking aside (over-use injury, flipped it too many times...etc), I've got a bit of a cyst and some bone growth on the top joint of my middle finger and tomorrow I'm having it taken care of. Sounds like such a small thing really, but this requires some "getting down in there" kind of work so I'll be operated on in the hospital and needing some time to heal afterwards. This all stems from osteoarthritis. Not a term I was hoping to hear for some years yet. But not a surprise with my family traits and my constant use of my hands.

With the "impressive dressing" I've been promised by my surgeon and limitations at least until the stitches come out. I'm looking at some serious down time for any and all kinds of hand work. Now, while this sounds pretty good when it comes to litter box duty and dish washing, it is a serious bummer for my knitting, sewing, cooking and gardening. So, I've been on a bit of a push over the weekend to catch us up and get us a little ahead.

I've been trying to finish up another little sweater for the Goober and started a batch of bread to last us a week or two.

And here's our list for another week of the Independence Days Challenge:

Plant Something:
Planted potatoes and chard. Weeded, planted MANY shasta daisy divides along our fence line. Planted the annual flowers by the front steps. Transplanted tomato, luffa, butternut squash seedlings to bigger pots.

Harvest Something:
Harvested herbs for drying.

Preserve Something:
Made a batch of power bars and packaged for the freezer.

Reduce Waste:
Made a tote bag out of some fabric scraps and remnants.

Preparation and Storage:
Purchased a few medical supplies to add to our emergency supplies.

Build Community Food Systems:
Bought eggs and meat from a local farmer. Making this a weekly habit.

Eat the Food:
Baked some sour dough flat breads. Very good. They've been added to the regular baking list. Made a few batches of cabbage slaw, one with home-made mayo, yogurt and cider vinegar and the other with dried fruit, olive oil and cider vinegar (no mayo). Both delicious warm weather sides.

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