Friday, May 8, 2009

Time to get out in the garden!

The garden has been beckoning me. It begins. I don't hesitate to grab my beat up jeans and a sweatshirt, throw on boots and head out to the garden every morning and evening. Sometimes there's time for a little weeding or putting in a few things (like a bunch of shasta daisy divides from a friend). Sometimes it's just about looking, seeing what is emerging, what needs doing. At this time of year, my days in a beige office, cube-land, facing a computer for long hours, are intolerable without these morning and evening forays into the green growing, living world.

Here are a few pictures of what I saw last evening and this morning.

The view of the big garden from our upstairs hall window.

A ground level view of the garlic coming up in one of the wedge beds in the big garden.

New canes in the raspberry beds and our first time growing potatoes in bags. They'll fill out as we top of the vines and eventually be brimming with red-skinned caribe potatoes. Yum!

Growing food not lawn in front of our house. We've put in asparagus and rhubarb in a border along the fence and four raised beds across the front of the house for a rotation of vegetables. These two are waiting for beans, tomatoes, peppers, basil and the like.

A look at our second year rhubarb with a few long leggy asparagus going to seed. Since we're only in year two for both of these crops, we can only "pick a few" to let the root systems have most of the energy.

Our raised strawberries overwintered really well and are showing off their new blooms.

Berries won't be far behind!

The golden peas are reaching for their trellises and the lettuce is beginning to show true leaves. There'll soon be fragrant blooms and lots of fresh spring greens here.

Our newest addition, four cranberry bushes in their own raised bed. They should be productive this year and add some lovely color in the fall.

One last look from the window before getting ready for work.

Thanks for stopping by the garden. Come again!

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